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Hybrid Cloud

  • Many business leaders have adopted a rapid shift towards the general direction of adopting the public cloud along with hybrid cloud technology. This means that businesses are able to use all the tools of the private and public cloud to ensure innovation at a much faster pace with lower costs.
  • One major advantage with our Hybrid Cloud is that it’s a low-cost option which comes with a high-speed feature. Another thing is that a properly configured and integrated hybrid cloud technology solution can help to effectively change the flow of conversation between the IT and business sectors, as they work together to shorten go-to-market imperative business projects and effectively expand all future possibilities. Along with business efficiency, elasticity and agility are also believed to be augmented with this solution, giving much needed advantage and edge over the market rivals.
  • Stone's Hybrid Cloud benefits includes:
  • Security:  including private cloud in the mix gives reassurance when it comes to security of your most sensitive operations, and can make it easier to meet regulatory data handling and storage requirements.

  • Cost efficiency: depending on your use, public cloud tends to offer a more cost-effective solution than private cloud. Hybrid cloud adopters can balance their need to be cost efficient with the security of keeping their most sensitive and critical workloads on private cloud.
  • Scalability: private cloud is not necessarily un-scalable but public cloud will always be able to offer more in this regard. By moving those workloads that most benefit from scalability to the public cloud, you also reduce the demands on your private cloud.
  • Flexibility: the “pick and mix” style of hybrid cloud gives organisations the chance to explore a variety of operational directions and find the optimum cloud solution for them.
  • Preservation of investments: a hybrid cloud strategy enables you to continue using existing IT investments, whether on-premises or colocated.